My Family Cinema - MFC is a software that collects over 1,591,934 multimedia data that includes the latest movies, popular series and biographies of famous actors and directors in the movie industry. Additionally, MFC constantly updates the media information, supports HD & FHD streaming, provides subtitles and offers a forum to share your experience at affordable prices.


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  • Simultaneous devices: 1

  • Constant information updating

  • Supports HD and FHD

  • Enjoy an HD supported multimedia platform with Axis II a database that contains information of over 600,000 movies and series

  • Media information: 672,873+

  • Subtitles available: 1,731,218+

  • Stars & Directors: 4,389,300+

  • Subtitles in English (United States), Portugues (Brasil), Espanol (Espana)

Firelinked code:  82208376

1. Professional info of 450k + movies and 140k + series dynamically refreshed.
2. Portuguese, Spanish and English subtitles.
3. Customized operating interface for Android devices based on user experiences and latest popular issues.
4. The fastest and most stable streaming platform.
5. A convenient connection to user's cloud content.

Important Tips
1. MFC only provides media player and information collection service. Please import your own cloud disc to play videos.
2. Please keep the account and password carefully, MFC is not responsible to retrieve them by the cause of users' loss.
3. The valid date begins from the date when you log in at the first time.

Important Notice

My Family Cinema is a personal media player software which only offers cinematographic information. This means that it does NOT provide users with any media content. Thus, if they wish to do so, users have to add their own content to the platform. Therefore, MFC is not responsible should said media content be illegal.


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